I have been guided in Michigan by Jeff since 2,000 ( and in Alaska before that), fishing two weeks in November/ December and March. I fish for Steelhead swinging flies with a Spey rod. This is a tough way to get them and while catches vary, I’ve always had great weeks with him.


Having fished in Scotland, England, Russia and around the U.S., Jeff’s one of the most professional guides I know.


Ian Ross

Edinburgh, Scotland


Dear Capt. Topp,


I want to thank you again for another incredible day on the river. I love fishing the Michigan rivers. I’ve fished with other guide services and on my own, and I just want you to know that I really appreciate the effort and commitment you display every time I’m in your boat, especially when conditions are tough. I’ve learned a lot from you about being an angler, about the Michigan fisheries, and that having a passion for what you do, no matter what it is, makes all the difference. I say it every time, but thank you… For sharing your talent, knowledge and time to make each trip a great experience.




I have been fishing with Outcast River Guides for all most ten years. I have booked group corporate trips consisting of several boats, over several days and I have also had my best fishing buddies fly in, from all over the country, to fish our Michigan waters. Weather it is spring, summer, fall or winter, fly fishing or spin fishing, salmon, steelhead or trout, these professionals get the job done.

Jim and Jeff always put you over fish. I have fished all over the United States and I have used many guide services, over the years; What I have found unique about this company, is that day after day, weather they are guiding experienced anglers or new comers to the sport, they still have the fire in their belly to get the job done, as well as the patience to deal with inexperience and the ego’s that often come along, in their line of work.

I look upon Outcast River Guides, as trusted and valued friends, as well as professionals and I would confidently recommend their services to any individual or company that wishes to catch fish and have fun in the wonderful state of Michigan. Please do not hesitate to call me directly for a more enthusiastic referral.

Kim Brown