Rainbow Trout


Hello Fishing Friends!!

The steelhead are still here!! With very good numbers of steelhead in the rivers now is a great time to get out. The fishing pressure has been very low and the fishing has been very good! The trout season opens this Saturday and the rivers are high and stained enough to keep angling pressure down. The trout fishing has also started to pick up. We have had a good number of chances at both steelhead and brown trout everyday. With the weather finally warming up the next few weeks should be great fishing. We still have a few open dates in May and June.

Nate D with a great Brown Trout

Nate D with a great Brown Trout

Ryan H finding a beauty

Ryan H finding a beauty











It’s Spring!! Let it rain!

Fishing has been very good the past few days. The rivers are in great shape.  Todays light rain should bring a fresh push of steelhead!! Lets go fishing!

Dr. Judd with a dandy!

Dr. Judd with a dandy!

Spring Steelhead Time


Judd and his BoysIMG_1222

Winter with Capt. Billy!

Hello Fishing Friends!!!!

With the winter weather being so cold off I went to Florida. I was fortunate to get to fish with one of the best fishing guides in Charlotte Harbor. Capt. Billy Barton. He went out of his way to show me and good friend Steve Bartz an amazing couple of days on the harbor!

Steve With A Dandy

Steve With A Dandy


Two twin Red Fish











Steve With A Dandy

Steve With A Dandy










Now its time to get focused on the spring steelhead and brown trout. With all the snow and cold weather the fish have had little to no pressure. The fishing this spring should be lights out!

Now is the time to reserve your days.

Tight Lines

Capt. Jeff



Finally Spring!

It feels like old man winter has lost his grip on Michigan. The grouse are drumming and the turkeys are starting to gobble. Spring is here! The river conditions are perfect right now. A bit high and heavy tea stain. We have had very good steelhead fishing the past couple days. A mix of winter fish and fresh spring run steelhead. With this being a late spring, it looks like the steelhead fishing will stay strong well into May. The brown trout fishing has picked up also. As the river temperatures rise the trout fishing will pick up. If you would like to get out and enjoy this great spring I have a couple of days still open in April and a few available in May. It is an amazing time to be on the river.

Nate D with a nice spring brown trout.

Nate D with a nice spring brown trout.

Todd B doing work!

Todd B having a great day!

Good Morning!!

Aidan H riding in the front of the bus!
Beautiful Day!


Fishing Report 3-21

Old man winter can go away! Let the spring begin. The rivers are in great shape. With the rivers on the drop the fishing keeps getting better. I have been spending most of my days on the Pere Marquette River. There has been a mix of fresh and winter steelhead around. We are finding most of the steelhead in the deeper runs. The brown trout fishing is pretty good. It is nice to have the chance at both steelhead and brown trout on a days float.

We still have a few spring dates open. Now is the time!

Jim D with a great fish!

Jim D with a great fish!

Pere Marqutee Steelhead

Pere Marquette Steelhead!

Great day for steelhead!

Great way to start the morning! Jack Kool getting after it. Nice fish!


Late Fall Steelhead!

Adam S with a great fall Steelhead!
Fishing is still very good! Looks like December is going to be good month to get out.!
Lets go fishing!!!



Fall Steelhead

Randy H with a fall giant! Great Steelhead