brown trout

Finally Spring!

It feels like old man winter has lost his grip on Michigan. The grouse are drumming and the turkeys are starting to gobble. Spring is here! The river conditions are perfect right now. A bit high and heavy tea stain. We have had very good steelhead fishing the past couple days. A mix of winter fish and fresh spring run steelhead. With this being a late spring, it looks like the steelhead fishing will stay strong well into May. The brown trout fishing has picked up also. As the river temperatures rise the trout fishing will pick up. If you would like to get out and enjoy this great spring I have a couple of days still open in April and a few available in May. It is an amazing time to be on the river.

Nate D with a nice spring brown trout.

Nate D with a nice spring brown trout.

Todd B doing work!

Todd B having a great day!

Bonus Fish

Great to see a couple of steelhead still around! Must be lady luck.

Steelhead, Northern Michigan Rivers

Very Nice!

Spring Trout

Pere Marquette Steelhead

Mike with a real beauty

The Pere Marquette is low and clear. I can’t remember the last time I have seen the river like this. Although having said that the river is still fishing well. Good numbers of brown trout mixed with a few steelhead.
Looks like rain later this weekend and into the first part of next week. Lets hope so!
We are filling dates fast. But we have a couple of openings in April. Don’t forget the pine river opens at the end of this month. We are looking forward to spending the day fishing the pine. Its a great trout fishery and we have the proper permits to take you down it. Lets go!!

Pere Marquette

Tim Kool with a great spring steelhead!It was great fishing with the Kool boys today! Thanks for spending the day on the river!
The Pere Marquette is still fishing well. With the cold mornings the fishing doesn’t seem to heat up until mid morning. We are still catching fair numbers of steelhead and the brown trout fishing is very good. The grouse are drumming and turkeys are gobbling. Spring has sprung!
We still have a couple of dates open this month. Now is the time to get you’re ¬†fishing fix!

The Pere Marquette is still fishing well


It was great to have Paul Mac and his father in law out today. They did a great job! The Pere Marquette river is fishing well. With a good number of fresh steelhead showing up and steelhead dropping out of the river after they are finished spawning we had a nice mixed bag of fish. The brown trout fishing is also going well. I have noticed some nice trout rising to dry flies! In march!
This spring has been super fishing. It looks like it is going to get better in April and May.
We still have a couple of open dates in April and may so don’t miss out!

Paul McClarin, Pere Marquette

Nice Brown Trout!!!!

Paul McClarin, Pere Marquette

Paul with the hot hand today! Great Job!